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What Happened in Milano

International HAIRWORLD Jury Seminar 2019


Clients always ask whats new and trending

Tomorrows looks are born on the runway today,

and is my job to be the trend forecaster for you.

Omar Sassin

Short Hair

Women’s short updos in 2019 will pleasantly delight lovers of unpretentious hairstyles with their novelty and creativity.

Curly Hair

What womens short hairstyles 2019 are ideal for owners of chic curls?

Long Hair

Long beautifully layered  haircuts create chic waterfalls of  hair, majestically falling down and lying on your back with natural waves

Hair Color

Shade of Rose Gold Rose is one of modish trends. Rather extraordinary shades for hair than to classical ones. 

2023 tips and tricks

We should not forget about health of hair:

Real megatrend of new season is SHORT HAIRCUTS 

with asymmetry and multi-level graduations that look great on any of fashionable types of hairstyles from Sassoon to cascade


-Properly selected short hairstyles can help to radically change image, specially hide minor flaws in shape of face, focusing on its merits.

-If you have large face, you should take closer look at asymmetrical bob-cascade, original pixie.

-Flirty and chaotic bob cascade with side parting or without 

Any variations of bangs will be in short hairstyles 2019 trends. Specially thick bangs that mask high forehead, visually shift accents from nose and wide cheekbones.

A little messy due to combination of modern cascade transitions and layers with any of hairstyles.

Extravagant curvaceous short haircuts with figure-shaven temples and mohawk.

Elongated strands are appropriate for oval face.

Asymmetry is suitable for round face. 

CURLY HAIR hairstyles 2019 are ideal

"chic curls"

-With my experience with curly hairdressing know that in this case, 

much depends on type of curls, elasticity, and stiffness of hair. 

Light waves will make it possible to achieve layered pixie, super short cascade.

For soft and thin curls, it’s better to choose modern versions of a trendy bob, cascade, and their newfangled combinations.


Beautifully layered haircuts create chic waterfalls from hair, 

majestically falling down and lying on your back with natural waves.

-Such hair requires intensive care and constant monitoring of condition of tips. 

-These options combine laconism and femininity. 

-Stacking light waves in retro style, but no less successful and ultra-modern will look when forming moderately careless wavy styling.

-Layered haircuts perfectly suit long-haired girls. While preserving length of hair. Haircuts fill hair with stunning volume

Cascade hair has sharp, noticeable transition between strands, and layered hair has smooth, stepped characteristics.

Limitless range of long haircut options. They can be symmetrical, angular or sharp. Today, different methods of hair layering are in trend.

Light, long, short, uneven, torn and straight layers. Hairstyles with layers go to girls and women of all ages, add an image of elegance and femininity.


Shade of Rose Gold Rose gold is one of modish trends. 

It rather refers to category of extraordinary shades for hair than to classical ones. 

-It is impossible not to appreciate beauty of precious overflows of Rose Gold hair color. 

-Depending on intensity of one of pigments, this shade may be more pink, or golden, closer to warm blond, only with light pinkish fleur.

Sweet shades of honey Admit that at least once in your life you admired color of acacia or lime honey.

Or thick golden-brown hue, pouring buckwheat honey into bowl.

Balayage technique, using several colors of honey colors, it’s necessary for every blonde and brown-haired woman! Small strands will be incredibly beautiful in day light.

This sweet glare is worth recreating on hair in warm season of 2019.

We can paint hair in pink-gold tone completely, but we can leave few centimeters of uncolored roots. This will allow less time to tint growing length, thereby saving money and preserving health of hair. 

-Remember that this option is more relevant in spring and summer.

Inspired by fragrant cinnamon Quite pronounced and saturated colors.

Noble red-brown tone of spicy cinnamon is one of hair color 2019 trends. 

Cinnamon hair color is deep, monumental shade, that attracts a lot of attention. 

Advantage of right cinnamon tone is chameleon effect. 

In closed space it looks like chestnut, and in sunlight literally explodes almost ruby flashes.

It’s simply impossible not to fall in love with tone of cinnamon!

-Remember these magnificent matte colors, because each of them is real fashion hit of hair color trends 2019.


There are lots of things to love about summer, but the damage to our hair caused by warm-weather variables like sun, sweat and chlorine definitely isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to protect our hair against damaging UV rays, pool chemicals, and dulling buildup, zero of which involve staying indoors all season. 

Get a trim.

Even—especially—if you plan on rocking long locks this summer, you should be prepared to part with your overgrown ends before hitting the beach for optimal hair health. As hair grows out, split ends continue to split up the hair shaft, so nip them in the bud as quickly as you can. Just a dusting off of the ends makes a huge difference, and the more breakage you cut off now, the less you’ll have to cut off later.

Use a UV protectant.

Just as we put sunscreen on our face and body to protect ourselves from the sun, our hair should be no different. UVA and UVB rays don’t only cause damage, they also oxidize the hair, which means that your precious (and oftentimes costly) color could be a thing of the past if you don’t take the right measures to defend it. Ask me about the right product for you on your next visit or just text me 813-812-2634

Use water first.

It sounds counterintuitive, but dampening your hair with water from the tap before you step into the pool helps to protect it from the damaging effects of chlorine. If your hair’s cuticle is already saturated with water, it will absorb significantly less of the pool’s chemicals than dry, porous hair alone. Try adding a handful of our special leave in conditioner to the mix, too, for extra hydration.

Shampoo every other day.

More sweating means your hair gets greasier in the summer than the rest of the year, but resist the temptation to shampoo daily (or even more frequently). Use a Aquage Dry shampoo on off days.

Cover it up.

If the sun is particularly harsh, or if your hair is particularly vulnerable, there’s no shame in using a scarf or hat to shield your locks—in fact, we think it’s one of the chicest summer styles. Make a fashion statement out of it with a cute patterned head wrap.

And many more Summer Hair Tips on your next visit with me.

Let’s discuss your 2019 hairstyle trends and ideas.

"Appearance depends on our trendy hair styling"


Old, well-worn jeans, coupled with overgrown untidy haircut is bad tone. But if in appendage to old jeans there is fashionable stylish hairstyle with deliberately careless hair styling, it turns out relevant and independent image in casual style.

Thus it’s momentous to be aware of stylish tendencies in hair styling.

So let’s discuss hairstyles 2019 trends and ideas.

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