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Forecast Fashion 2023


Smoked Chili Red

Instead of the soft pinks of summer, we’re upping the ante with a smoky chili red. (Hari Nef, here, illustrates how spicy it can be.) It’s like swapping palomas for a spicy mezcal cocktail. While colorist Aura Friedman says this is a single-process color (in salon, since finding a perfect spicy red for your skin tone takes expertise) it's anything but low maintenance. Expect to revisit for a touch-up in about four weeks.


Lived-In Blonde

Lived-in blonde is as if you moved to an island with no colorists and let the sand and salt naturally wear away at your golden tone. What remains is a sexy, beachy, dirty blonde. "I think years of achieving these hard-to-maintain blondes have left clients with dry hair and the desire for something lower maintenance and better for the hair," says Schipani. A warm toned blonde like Emily Blunt’s is ideal for this look as it will blend nicely with grown-out roots.


Splash of Color

You contain multitudes, so why go all-in on blue or pink if you don’t know who you’ll want to be after the weekend? Take a cue from Saweetie. Just a splash of color should tie you over. While this could be an easy DIY with an at-home color like IGK Color Depositing Hair Mask, you might want to visit a stylist if you have textured hair. "When it comes to placing a pop of color in curly hair, more thought is required in terms of where to place it so that it really shows up," says Schipani.


Almost-Black Brunette

Want to explore your darker alter ego? The one that stays up late, has croissants for dinner, and is wanted in four states for jaywalking? Then America Ferrara and Dove Cameron's deep brunette is a must. The sultry color toes the line between brown and black will look particularly striking on olive or tan skin tones, and more dramatic on lighter skin tones. For this sultry hue, you’ll want to go just past dark chocolate. Hairstylist Meg Schipani points out that root touch-ups and toner will be necessary to keep this shade looking glossy.


Neutral Brunette

"Recently, I’ve had more requests for earthy, natural-toned brunettes," says Schipani. If you want a set-it and forget-it color, Hailey Bieber’s neutral brown is a low-maintenance alternative to fussy highlights and deeper hues. "For this type of brunette, I like to formulate with a neutral brown and then add in any tones needed to mimic my client’s natural level."


Sliced Jawline Bob

"Tomboy bob cuts that accentuate the jawline will be everywhere this fall," says hairstylist Howard Reyes. "Whether it falls right above or right below the jaw, it’s all about that bold sharpness." Angular cuts like Ella Rattigan’s do need regular trims to maintain their sharp-as-a-knife edge, but if you skip a salon visit or two, it will still grow out beautifully.

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