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Serving customers since 1989

Our customers are raving about us everywhere!

We have built our business on referrals. And believe that your hair will change the way look, feel and add a tremendous amount of confidence in your life. Everyone will see it!

Official International Juror OMC USA

I was asked by the President of the "Organization Mondiale Ciffure" to participate in the "OMC International Jury Seminar" held in Milano Italy. There I was awarded with the world prestigious certification to be an International Judge of the OMC representing the USA women division. Such certification will allow me to Judge Hairdressing Global Competitions, particularly HAIRWORLD Olympics of hairdressing.



Award winning professional and educator. Expert in Hair Design and Finish: Including platform, hands on and demonstration. Principles of Design, Creative, Trend, Long Hair, Finishing. Product sales and promotion. Tri-lingual fluency.

Inform! Involve! Inspire!

Students attending Omar’s sessions learn not only useful techniques, but leave filled with enthusiasm, excitement and the “know how” to confidently excel in their own careers.


Omar Sassin was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His family immigrated to the U.S. via Chicago when he was a teenager. He began his cosmetology career after attending Mid-America Beauty School, a Pivot Point school in Chicago. He continued his education by completing Mario Tricoci seminars and spent three years at Michael Thomas Salons in the Chicago area where he mastered the Vidal Sassoon technical approach to Design and Hair Cutting.

Omar relocated to Tampa to specifically join the Mantrap Salons of Florida’s Research and Development team. The Mantrap experience allowed Omar to develop into an accomplished professional who became the Hair World Champion and a Platform Artistry Educator. He led the Mantrap Salons R&D team for five years nurturing over 500 hairdressers and sales staff in their roles in corporate salons and franchisees. Competitions

Simultaneously to his salon work, Omar self-supported his travels to many major cities in the U.S. and worldwide, competing in international artistic competitions. He has been awarded over 200 medallions and 20 trophies including the American Cup, Venus de Milo NY, the 1988 Hair World German Cup in Dusseldorf, and the ultimate Rose de Or Cup in Paris.

Official International Juror OMC representing USA in World Cup Competitions

Judge Hairdressing Global Competitions, particularly HAIRWORLD Olympics of hairdressing.Experience and Skills

Participating in competitions brought Omar a deep and unique understanding of form, design, fashion and perfection using the medium of hair; and most importantly, the ability to share his wealth of knowledge with colleagues in the beauty industry to help them build their careers. He has conducted training in theater auditoriums, in-salon as well as at large national and international trade shows.

Salon and Day Spa 1989

In 1989 Omar opened his first 4,000 square foot salon and day spa, Omar Sassin Salon of Tampa, employing 20 – 30 operators ongoing for 15 years. His dedication, entrepreneurship and community spirit built a flawless reputation and drew customers from the Tampa Bay and surrounding communities.

Teaching and Fashion Week 2004

Omar continued to pursue his passion for the industry and his desire to share his knowledge by joining Redken L’Oreal 5th Ave NY. In this role he performed national and international platform shows and in-salon, hands-on classes. In 2006 Omar was selected to teach at the Redken Exchange 5th Avenue NYC where he developed technical design that were taught exclusively at the Redken Exchange. Additionally he was selected to participate in two seasons of NY Fashion Week.

Salons and Product Sales 2011

In 2011 two Salons Sassin were opened in upscale indoor shopping centers in the Tampa Bay area. These salons carried multiple product lines and employed over 30 team members. The salons promoted the upscale image required of merchants sharing a venue with national and international names.

By 2014 the Omar Sassin brand reputation enabled him to acquire a coveted Soho Tampa location to open an exclusive Aquage Biomega salon. This salon quickly became the second largest Aquage Biomega salon in the state of Florida, reaching Platinum status.


In-salon business, management and marketing knowledge with the skills and ability to relate to salon owners and employees.

Platform artistry and in-salon workshop experience. Ability to deliver information to any audience in any venue, with a positive, clear and precise message. Ability to manage all aspects of a show, back room and model calls.

Tri-lingual fluency (English/Spanish/Italian), ability to relate to multiple cultures and understand what triggers learning in a particular setting.

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